Serenity Knoll Farm Cooking School

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Serenity Knoll Farm Cooking School has launched this spring and will have a regular calendar of events for cooking, food, and farming related classes, all lead by a team of local chefs, farmers, foodies with various areas of expertise, and other food industry leaders in our area and beyond. Find our calendar of events here. We strive to foster a community focused on building up the local food and farming industry. We also want all who come to Serenity Knoll Farm to not only learn a thing or two, but to have a blast while doing so. 

All of the food we use in our classes is sustainably sourced. If we don't grow it on our own farm, we secure it from other local farms and providers. We pride ourselves on local partnership. 

Serenity Knoll Cooking School will be the perfect place for your next date night, friends gathering, group outing, or gift. We have classes that you can reserve a slot for, and we also offer private classes, where you can pay per person and select a food subject from our staff's catalog located here. 

If you are a chef, restaurant worker, farmer, food truck owner, or just an avid foodie with an awesome kitchen skill, we want you to come teach as a guest chef. Learn more here!

When you sign up for a class, keep in mind that we need at least 3 people registered in order to run a class. If we do not have enough sign ups, you may move your registration or receive a full refund.



  • How do I sign up for a class?

  • Is the kitchen safe and clean?

    • Our kitchen at Serenity Knoll has been inspected and approved by the Tennessee Department of Health. Our staff takes great pride in keeping the kitchen clean by using all natural products and will have it sparkling and ready for the class you've signed up for.

  • How long does each class last?

    • Depends on the class. Each class offering will have an approximate time listed, among other details. Keep in mind that cooking isn't always an exact art, so give to take a little time from each estimate.

  • Where do you get your ingredients?

    • We take pride in doing all we can to support local farmers and food supplies. In most cases, all items used in the kitchen have either come from our farm or another local source.

  • Do we get to eat the food?

    • Duh!

  • I'm a local chef or I have a skill set in the kitchen. Can I come lead a class?

    • Yes! We need you! Please visit our page here to learn more and apply to join our faculty.

  • I'm a local farmer or food provider and I'd love for you to use my product!

    • We want to use it! Fill out a partnership inquiry here.

  • How can I earn free classes?

    • We always need volunteers for our classes to help with general clean-up, dishes, and other small tasks that make the event move smoothly. If you volunteer for 3 classes, you get one for free! Learn more about volunteering here.

  • Classes seem expensive to me. What gives?

    • We do our best to keep classes as affordable as possible, as we want all to be able to attend. Our cost covers the food, time of the faculty, and a little extra that keeps our farm growing food and offering classes to our community. Don't think you're just paying for a meal - you're paying for an amazing experience and the chance to learn a skill that you can show off to your friends and family. Want free classes? Sign up to volunteer!

  • Do you offer snacks and drinks during a class?

    • We always have snacks available during classes, and our classes are BYOB. We have plenty of drinking glasses for you to use. If you are drinking beer or wine, we just ask that you be responsible and respectful. Cheers!

  • What if I buy a class and later, can no longer make it?

    • We will fully refund your class, but we prefer if you do so at least 24 hours in advance to cut down on food waste.