Cooking With (and IN!) Pumpkins

Cooking With (and IN!) Pumpkins


Join us at Serenity Knoll Farm for a DELICIOUS fall-themed cooking class that's perfect to hone in your pumpkin cooking skills. Savory and sweet are these lovely days of fall, and we want to honor that with a fun class at Serenity Knoll! Susan Lachmann will be leading this fun class that runs from 6-8pm, and includes time to dine on your creations!

Pumpkin is fun to cook with and…it’s good for you! Rich in beta-carotene, this fall favorite provides anti-aging nutrients.

In this class, all attendees will make their OWN stuffed pumpkin to take home to bake later for dinner. Yes, that's right...dinner stuffed in a pumpkin! The pumpkins will be stuffed with sausage, wild rice, pecans, cranberries, and an array of fall seasonings. Vegetarians can still join, too - we'll stuff your pumpkin with portobello mushroom instead of sausage. They take awhile to bake, that’s why you’ll get to take this one home. We will still be dining in this class, because we will also make a pumpkin soup that we'll relax and enjoy prior to eating a pumpkin cocoa divine dessert. All will leave the kitchen with a full belly, their own stuffed pumpkin, and new, creative fall cooking ideas.

Class is BYOB and costs $58/person.

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