Delicious Dim Sum

Delicious Dim Sum


Join us at Serenity Knoll as we learn about Dim Sum from the farm’s director, Margie Kendall. We will chat about potstickers, dumplings, buns, and more - and of course, we’ll each get hands on and make some! We will make three types in class: BBQ pork buns, classic potstickers, and siu mai dumplings (classic pork and shrimp). Come explore classic Cantonese cuisine in a relaxed and beautiful environment!

You'll be rolling out of class full and with plenty of leftovers!

Dim sum can easily be made vegetarian, and they can be used as the perfect snack or fun appetizer to bring to your next party. Class runs from 6pm - 9pm and includes time to dine. Slots are $55/person, and class is BYOB!

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