Fermented Foods From Around the World

Fermented Foods From Around the World


Here’s a fun, unique class that will have you going home with some tasty foods to enjoy! Join us at Serenity Knoll Farm as chef Arienne Casebier leads you through a class on Fermenting Basics! Fermented Foods are fun to make, easy to store, and are really good for your gut. Win, win, win!

In this class, all will be working, chopping, and creating three different fermented foods from around the world. We’ll make a classic German Sauerkraut, some Korean Kimchi, and a South American Curtido (a lightly fermented cabbage relish). All of these are unique and you’ll not only learn how to make them, but you’ll learn how to apply and use them in dishes in your kitchen at home. All will go home with LARGE jars of their own fermented foods to enjoy for quite awhile!

Class runs from 6-8:30pm, and costs $60/person. BYOB!

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