Homemade "Take Out" Chinese Dinner

Homemade "Take Out" Chinese Dinner


A first time offering from Serenity Knoll and it’ll be a blast! Join us for a cooking class where we’ll make easy, tasty, and flavorful take out Chinese food from home! Our director, Margie Kendall, will lead this tasty class.

In this hands-on class, we’ll make simple potstickers from scratch and sauce to accompany, chicken and broccoli teriyaki with a fresh, homemade sauce that’s just as good (and healthier!) than delivery, and we’ll also make an easy lo mein to go with our full meal. At the end of class, we’ll dine together and you may get lucky and take leftovers home, too!

Class runs from 6-8:30pm, includes time to dine, and costs $52/person. BYOB!

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