Italian Classics: All About Antipasto!

Italian Classics: All About Antipasto!


Join us for a tasty and flavorful class on a popular Italian subject: Antipasto! This class will be taught by Susan Lachmann, know locally for her cooking segments on DayTime Tri-Cities and her Cooking Along the Crooked Road series.

Antipasto is the famous Italian tradition of having small bites of delicious and beautiful food before the meal. The literal meaning is “before the meal” and it was introduced in early Italian history to stimulate the appetite before the main course. The Italians love nothing more than sitting down with good friends and good conversation before the meal. In today’s culinary world, antipasto has come to mean small bites that can be served at dinner, tailgate events, cocktail parties or any place where people gather to savor great food and great company!

Susan will share many traditional and new antipasto ideas, including proper marinades, how to blend flavors, aromas and colors to making the pleasing plates. She will also discuss bread and cheese selections as well ideas for presenting meats, vegetables and fruits which the class will prepare together for the perfect antipasto plates!

This class is hands on, and of course, you’ll get to eat. It’s also BYOB! Class runs from 6pm to 8pm and costs $38/person. Cheers!

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