Pie Crust Course (& Pie Making!)

Pie Crust Course (& Pie Making!)


Is it never NOT pie season? We think pies are needed year around! Join us at SKF as Chef Deidra guides us through the tricky but tasty task of making the perfect pie crust from scratch.

This this class, all attendees will make their very own pie crust from scratch. We’ll have to test out the crust by making an actual pie, too, so we’ll make a deep dish apple pie with a mouth-watering pecan crumble on top. The pies take awhile to bake, so we’ll have some pre-made in class to eat and enjoy, and all will take their own pie home to enjoy with friends or family.

The focus of this class will be on nailing that perfect, flakey, buttery crust that you can easily make at home in the future to either use immediately or freeze for another time. No need to buy pre-made crust again!

Class runs from 6-8pm, costs $50/person, and is BYOB as usual!

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