We ALL Love Bread!

We ALL Love Bread!


Nothing is better than freshly baked bread, even the aroma fills the air and the heart with a feeling of well-being.  Join us for a class where we’ll be chatting about and making…bread!

In this class, led by Chef Sheridan Nice of Mona Lisa’s Gelato, we’ll make a high hydration dough for you to take and bake the next day. In class, we will be baking sourdough, high hydration bread, and make-ahead holiday bread. We’ll be making our own sourdough starter for you to take home to feed, nurture, and form a long-term relationship with!

Not only will we be making and baking bread, we will be covering a little bit of history and a whole lot of deliciousness. 

Class costs $55/person and runs from 2-4pm. BYOB as usual!

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