Wood Fired Pizza Party

Wood Fired Pizza Party


Join us for the best way to start off your week! The perfect class for your group of friends or family! Come on over to Serenity Knoll Farm and we’ll have our built in brick oven fired up nice and hot, and more than 20 fresh toppings ready to go. This class is led by Serenity Knoll Farm’s owner, David Wiley.

Everyone will get to make the most delicious and authentic pizza sauce, and their own pizza, while learning about fresh dough and pizza best-practices. We will learn how to make sauce from San Marzano tomatoes, and we’ll make a batch of fresh pizza dough that you’ll also be able to take home! We will have dough ready for you (since it needs to sit for more than a day), and you get to form it, top it, and let it bake! It doesn’t get much more fun than this!

This event begins at 6:00pm and ends around 8:00pm, and costs $45/person. BYOB!

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