Guest Instructor Information

At Serenity Knoll Farm, we want to foster an environment where all local chefs, food industry workers, and farmers can come share their talents with our incredible community. We want you to come teach with us! If you own a restaurant, cook at one, work a food truck, farm something special, or just have a special talent in and around the kitchen that you'd like to share, let us know!

Here's how it works:

Serenity Knoll-7.jpg
  • We work with you to set a time and date that works for the both of us
  • You set your menu (and we'll approve it), and you set your price per person
  • We reimburse you for your cost of food
  • We pay you an additional 50% of the registration fees the night of the class
  • Anytime you'd like, reach out to us for a tour of the kitchen and we will ensure the space works for you and your food subject!

To learn more or to get on our schedule, please e-mail Margie at

We'd love to have you out to the Farm!